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ABSCONDING MURDERER MEETS CM AT CPIM'S HQ, later arrested after TMC's complain to EC!!

Edited and revised on 26/3/11:
Row over Alimuddin St (CPIM’s HQ) visit by tainted absconding murderer leader later arrested after TMC’s complain to EC.

On 12th Mar’ 11 Mr Majid Ali alias Majid Master, a party leader from North 24 Parganas, reportedly “absconding” in a number of non-bailable warrants related to political violence in the district, visited the CPI-M state headquarters. Mr Ali visited the CPI-M's
Allimuddin Street office yesterday when chief minister Mr Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee was reportedly present.

On 27 October 2009, Nur Ali Molla, a Trinamul Congress leader from Sashan in North 24-Parganas, was murdered by some miscreants allegedly backed by the CPI-M.
After the incident, the victims’ brother lodged an FIR against 18 persons, including Majid Master, and the police booked the CPI-M leader under IPC's Sections 147/148/149/302 and Sections 25/27 of the Arms Act. However, till date the police could not arrest Majid Master as, in their record, he is shown as “absconding”.

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After Trinamool’s complain EC seeks report from WB Home Dept on 'Majid Master' visit

Link : 

There after CPI(M) leader 'Majid Master' arrested by police as they are bound to!!
Press Trust Of India,Barasat (WB), March 16, 2011
CPI(M) leader of North 24 Parganas district Majid Ali, against whom many criminal cases are pending, was arrested on Tuesday 15th Mar’11.

Majid Ali, alias Majid Master, is a CPI(M) 'strongman' of Sasan area of North 24 Parganas district.
On Saturday last, the Election Commission had sought a report from the West Bengal Home Department about the alleged visit by 'Majid Master' to the CPI(M) headquarters in Kolkata to meet Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee after Trinamool Congress had lodged a complaint.
Edit on 17/3/11.
Now latest news is as per instruction of CM state police is giving lighter charges against Majid..
They even not asked for PC and allow Majid for JC, and state administration also providing all luxury arrangements to this murderer CPIM leader!!
Shame on you Buddha and CPIM!!

ApNetai killings: 4 more in CBI net
Press Trust Of India, Posted on Mar 14, 2011 at 05:33pm IST
In another incident in West Midnapore one of CPIM’s top leader Mr. Deepak Karan was arrested for rape case; that too after EC’s intervention!!

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Majid Master:
Who lost family members in Netai masacare!!
Viewers comments::

Chandrajit said...
I am proud to be Indian but shame to be West Bengal’s resident --- Because CPM party is ruling here for more than 33 years. They don't pay respect to our Faiths and believes, religion, tradition.
A minister went to Tara Pith was forced to deny it. Since thousands of years Hindus are considering Tarapith as a holy place. How dare you CPM to insult our traditional holy temple. They have never paid any respect to our great men. We have almost forgotten the ideology of Swami Vivakananda.Our Hindu tradition after death of someone ( Shradhha) has replaced by " Smaran Sabha". How dare you CPM to touch (Insult) my religion. How dare you replace our tradition....
The supporters of CPM should understand one who doesn’t respect himself,...  Respect our Indian legends first then “ Kal Marks”.
Our freedom fighter dedicated their life for only two sentence “ JAI HIND” and “ VANDE MATARAM” .. Shame .... Shame... Shame .... in one part of India the ruling party simply ignore this. They say “ Say no to Jai Hind. What an Independence ???????
My Remarks: CPIM doesn't respect any religion whether it Hindu or Muslim or any others.. they respect religion only for vote and at the time of vote!!

More pathetic things is Indian communists does not respect our tri colour and National anthem or National Song (Please see my earlier posts in this regards).. Indian communists sees China's interest more than our national interest. They also have a good link with Nepali Maoists and Yechuri is the main mentor of Nepali maoists who are pro Chinese and AntiIndian!!

Also all Maoists (Nepal & India) gets arms & moneytory support from China and CPM also gets arms from them.. Plz note it was clear after Netai masacare that Harmads are using Chinese arms!!

After independence communists told "Eh Ajadi Jutha Hay".. They humiliated Netaji a lot.. Now saying that was a mistake!!

I have written all those with proves and links in my earlier posts please see my older posts also!!

So this is the time to throw these anti Indian anti relegion fake comrades away from Bengal... and I am sure this time Bengal's public will throw them away!!

Another comment by Chandrajit:
Chandrajit said...

Maa Mati Manusher Gaaner Link:

My remarks: Thanks Chandrajit!! Good link!!

Chandrajit said...

Nastiest political strategy of CPM : Dirty politicians of CPM once again proved their dirtiness by putting up a case of 1994. They have complained in front of chief Election commission S.Y Quraishi about an arrest warrant against Mamata Banerjee..

It is ridiculous ... Buddhodeb Bhattachrya was the police minister since that time,...  no one ( Not even Didi) is aware of the case. ....their actual plan was :

1. CPM icon “Majid Mastar” was caught while TMC complained, but Election commission will not be able to catch “Mamta Didi” (People of EC are not mad). So CPM wanted to prove EC is not neutral.
2. CPM is trying to prove how noble they are as they have not taken any action yet, against their opposition.
3. If by any chance EC will be force to arrest Mamta Didi, it’s going to be a “Mini Riot” in W.B, and the total responsibility will go against TMC leader’s good image.
4. Break the sit alliance between TMC and Cong,
But people of West Bengal are intelligent enough to understand this worst politics.
.In Didi’s (Mamatadi) word “ GONOTONTRA MANUSH E SRESTHA BICHAROK, MANUSH E SHESH KOTHA BOLBE “ ( Common people are the best judge in democracy, they will take the ultimate decision.)
.Check also ....

Monday, March 7, 2011

Poor’s party CPIM built Party Office with Crores at Burdwan (W.B)

Poor’s party CPIM built Party Office with Crores at Burdwan (W.B)

A spectacular party office named as “Sahedullah Bijay Bhaban” was built by CPIM’s Burdwan district committee in Burdwan with crores of rupees. It is built with marbel stones, all steps are made by black granite, spectacular interior decoration and rooms are fitted with ac machines, and its having 5strar conference room also.

As per district leader (jela sampadak) Amal Haldar claims that party members given two times donations and levy by which 70 lacks fund was acquired then 30 lacks came from box collection (??)

Can you remember some time back there was lots of debate was taken place when Kale Singh, a renowned coal mafia gave 1Lc chq to CM at Khandakosh in Burdwan district!! Now see the result of coal mafia’s and local contractors donations.. a party which claims they are poor mans party built party office in a district town of West Bengal with crores of money!!

Mrs. Mumtaz Sanghamita (Choudhuri) daughter of Ex-Speaker Mansur Habibullah claimed that this office built in there place forcefully and CPIM looted there entire house also including costly interiors, paintings etc.. this matter was even goes to court.

This is the another character of CPIM.. there party office with crores and there leader including CM are getting ownership of governments flats.. IT raids are going on at CPIM's former MP's house.. Still comrades are claiming that it is poors party!!

Shame on you CPIM!!

Curtsy Bartaman (Bengali daily from Kolkata) dated 7th March’11.

Burdwan CPIM's Office.

Howrah CPIM's Office.

To know more about true character of CPIM and there atrocity in West Bengal please click home and see the other posts of this blogpage..
Now see the picture of West bengal's CM taking donation from Mafia Kale Singh!! Shame!!
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