Friday, August 31, 2012

Mamata Banerjee's tour of North Bengal makes a huge wave.. It seems Mamata cyclone demolished Congress bastions of North Bengal.. Didi's huge popularity reminds Lt. Indira Gandhi's era, as after Indiraji we haven't seen such a enormous responses from public for any political leader in India..

During her five days tour West Bengal CM Mamata making a wave in North Bengal which is known as Congress & CPM 's stronghold.. It seems that total public are on road... 

After Indira Gandhi Bengal hasn't seen this type of huge responses from ordinary citizens for any political leader.. Big causality reported from Adhir & Dipa front.. TMC Rocks & CPM’s chamcha Bengal Congress Sucks..

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee now on a five-day tour of the Congress bastions in the state. She is expected to visit Malda, Murshidabad, North and South Dinajpur, and Jalpaiguri districts.
Mamata addresses a huge gathering at Berhampore (Murshidabad,WB) in the same ground where Mrs Gandhi addresses in 1977, after that no other political party can hold a rally due to huge size of that ground. But Didi succeeded to hold a houseful rally at that very ground on 29th Aug’12.
A technical snag in the microphone in the course of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s address at a rally in the Congress stronghold of Berhampore in Murshidabad district on Wednesday led to questions of “sabotage” even as the Congress promptly refuted any such charge but it is well understood who is behind these mischievous things..  

During her tour to North Bengal Didi listed out various developmental schemes launched by the 15-month-old government. She also took the opportunity to reach out to the masses in the predominantly Congress support base with an eye on the crucial panchayat polls and it seems that she became successful. It looks peoples of North Bengal also now understood the dirty game of Congress’s Adhir, Dipa & co who are actually helping hand of CPM and working as a B team of CPM in Bengal.

Mamata also promised polytechnics, farmers’ markets, multi-speciality hospitals and model schools in both districts. She also innargurated several trains & Railway projects with Railway Minister Mukul Roy. She also attended meeting with all districts administration where all DM, SP, SDO, BDO s are presents. In meeting CM personally supervised implementation of various development projects..

In past these areas are always neglected by state government and now Mamata is reaching to all corners of state and personally supervising development works. The way Didi is working and the way she is taking load is an example for any leader of country. Now public are also understanding that Mamata is devoted for development of West Bengal so they are also responding to her and therefore she is making these waves in all corner of Bengal.

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Opinion Poll results shows Mamata will sweep West Bengal if election held now.. MMM-Blog survey predicted 35 seats for TMC, 5 for Left & only 2 for Watermelon Bengal Congress. Even Pro-Congress & Pro Left channel like NDTV showing TMC is well ahed in spite of all paid news by section of Bengali & National Media..

Current survey by all sources showing in spite of all those yellow journalism by Bengali TV channels like “ABP Ananda”, “24-Ghonta” & National channels like “Times Now”, “CNN-IBN”, “NDTV” etc peoples of West Bengal is still with Mamata Banerjee & her Trinamool Congress. Yesterday famous Pro-Left channel NDTV’ survey shows if LS (Loksabha) election held now TMC will get 27 seats and Lefts will get 12 seats and betrayer watermelon Bengal Congress will get 3 seats only.
But as per details survey carried out by this “Maa Mati Manush” (Ma Mati Manush) blog in all 42 parliamentary constituencies in West Bengal we found that even if TMC fights election alone they will get 35 seats and Lefts will get 5 seats and Congress will get only 2 seats. Our team carried out surveys in between first to third week of August’12 and visited all 42 constituencies in Bengal. I alone also visited 18 constituencies before this final prediction. We have collected samples of around 700 peoples from each constituency all total we have asked their opinion from around 30000 voters spread upon all sections of society.

মা মাটি মানুষ ব্লগের সমীক্ষা অনুযায়ী এখনি ভোট হলে বাংলায় তৃণমূল ৩৫ টি, বামেরা ৫ টি ও কংগ্রেস ২ টি আসন পাবে ।

These survey results show that Bengal’s publics rejected all sorts of yellow journalism & paid stories by section of Bengal & National media. It is also proving that Bengal is disapproving so called Watermelon leaders of Bengal-Congress totally.

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Tuesday (28th Aug’12) said that her party is ready in the event of a mid-term Lok Sabha elections.
She, however, made it a point to mention that her party is in favor of the UPA-II completing its full term at the Centre.
Banerjee’s party, the Trinamool Congress, is the second largest party in the ruling coalition of the UPA-II at the Centre with 20 + 1 MPs in the Lok Sabha and 8 MPs in the Rajya Sabha.
“We want the UPA government to complete its full term. We would not like it to collapse mid-way,” she told reporters at Writers Buildings (State secretariat).
“But our party is ready. Anytime we can go for elections. We are ready to serve the people,” she added when asked about the eventuality of a mid-term poll.
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Sunday, August 12, 2012

From Gorkhaland agitation effected Darjeeling Hills to Maoist Hardcore area Belpahari in Junglemahal... Mamata Brings Peace in whole West Bengal... Whereas her main opponent CPI(M) only running for money as they gathered Rs 335Cr donation from Industrialists apart from several hundred crores from common peoples & thus CPI(M) became "Corrupted Party of India (Money looters)"..!!

A subdued air of excitement ran through Darjeeling on Friday on 3rd August 2012 with a new regime, the Gorkhaland Territorial Administration, to take over the governance of the hills on 4th Aug’2012. Bringing peace in the Darjeeling hills was one of the priorities of Ms Banerjee after her Trinamool Congress swept to power in the state in May last year.
For earlier developments in this issue please see following post of this Blog.

There after Mamta Didi’s 9th August, 2012 trip to the Maoist effected far-off area in West Midnapore district by the chief minister was rare, with old timers recalling the visit 40 years ago of the then Congress chief minister S S Ray. Earlier it should be noted that majority of Hardcore Maoists of Bengal is now either surrendered or behind the bar or killed in encounters and therefore now Junglemahal is peaceful, please refer to earlier posts of this blog in this connection.
Peace in Darjeeling by GTA: As the newly elected members of the Gorkha Territorial Administration were sworn in on 4th August 2012, home minister Sushilkumar Shinde and West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee assured all kinds of support to the newly formed autonomous hill agency.
The Gorkha Janamukti Morcha (GJM) on Thursday swept the polls to the newly created Gorkhaland Territorial Administration (GTA), capturing all 45 seats in the Darjeeling hills governing council. GJM supremo Bimal Gurung was sworn in as the chief executive of the GTA.
The long-standing agitation on the demand for forming a separate state out of the northern West Bengal hills has led to loss of many lives over the past two decades, besides hitting hard the region's economic mainstays of tea, timber and tourism.
On July 18 last year, a tripartite agreement was signed between the GJM, and the state and central governments for setting up a new autonomous, elected GTA, a hill council armed with more powers than its predecessor, the Darjeeling Gorkha Hill Council (DGHC) formed in the late 1980s.
"You should work hard for the development of hills, the state government is there always with you. We will build a university here in Darjeeling, the hospital will also be renovated here," said Mamata Banerjee.
She asked Gurung to ensure jobs in the GTA for the family members of the martyrs of the Indian Army.
"Whatever you have to ask from me you can, but please don't quarrel. We will all stay together like one family," she said.
After this historic moment Mamata Banerjee wrote on her facebook page:  “I love kanchanjangha. Today kanchanjangha is smiling. It's a historic day - 4th aug 2012 , not only for the people of Darjeeling , but also for the people of west Bengal , India and the world ….. I am happy to witness the historic moment of the swearing in ceremony of CEO and members of the GTA, elected after a peaceful democrat... ie electoral process .

Last year, immediately within three months of taking over by the new government in west Bengal, GTA agreement was signed on 18th July 2011…. The process since then has now resulted in the formation of GTA .

The name 'Darjeeling' is internationally known. Our efforts will be to place it as the most important tourism destination, as it has tremendous potential. A concerted plan of action for all- round development of infrastructure , roads, educational institutions, Hospitals, electricity , water etc will no doubt , usher a new era of peace, prosperity and happiness in Darjeeling - the northern peak of our West Bengal.

I convey my heartfelt good wishes to all brothers and sisters of Darjeeling on this occasion.

Keep smiling and if Darjeeling smiles, everyone smiles.”
Peace in Junglemahal:  In another of her frequent district tours, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee visited Maoist-affected Belpahari area promising to usher in all-round developments in last week.
On Thursday (9th Aug’12), as has been the pattern of all her district
programmes, Mamata Banerjee interacted with officials to fine tune
development projects and delivery mechanism.
She also addressed a public meeting, speaking on the government's
initiatives to uplift the backward area and hand out benefits such as
job cards.
At the meeting, Banerjee also issued a warning to the Maoist guerrillas,
who had declared Belpahari a liberated zone in 2000, that her
government would not tolerate violence.
'' West Bengal state police also mulling joint action against Maoists ''
The West Bengal police is likely to launch a joint operation against the Maoists with the Jharkhand police. However, it is not yet known whether the Maoists have started regrouping once again and from where the operation will be launched.

While speaking on the issue, DGP Naparajit Mukherjee said that a section of the prisoners who were released on t he recommendation of Rajnaitik Bandi Mukti Committee have once again become involved in criminal activities and police is keeping a close watch on them. He said that if these freed prisoners failed to reform themselves they will be booked again.

During her recent visit to Belpahari, CM Mamata Banerjee had expressed concern that Maoists from Odisha and Jharkhand have sought refuge in pockets of Jangalmahal and Mukherjee has directed his department to keep a close watch on the area.
C.M. Mamata Banerjee later posted her assessment of the situation on Belpahari on Facebook:  “I came to visit Belpahari of West Midnapur district today, which is considered as one of the core areas of Maoists’ dens….

For a long time, Belpahari and surrounding areas used to be ruled by guns. But now, transformation has taken place. Peace and development are doing wonders. That is why a crowd of more than lakhs have peacefully assembled at today’s meeting at Belpahari.

I remember to have visited Belpahari last in 1993 when I personally saw how poor people were surviving with roots of plants and eggs of ants. I mentioned it in my book ‘UPALABDHI’….

History shows rule of gun does not bring peace. Peace is earned through sincerity, devotion and commitment towards development.”

Now when Mamata Banerjee & her party (Trinamool Congress) is working towards resorting peace and developments in West Bengal, her main opposition CPIM is busy of looting money from public & corporate… CPM coffers bulge with capitalist cash, reveals data given to EC…

The Association for Democratic Reforms which has compiled this information based on the submissions given to the Election Commission of India show that the CPM has  got donations to the tune of Rs 335 crore. This calculation has been made on the basis of the donations between the years 2007-08 and 2011-12.
The data indicates that it was only the BJP which was most forthcoming about making public these donations.  They revealed the identity of the donors who contributed to nearly 20 per cent of their source of funds while CPM made public just 1 per cent in this category.
There 1% donors list  included following:
List of donors 2007-08
CPI(M)- Gayatri Projects Ltd- Rs 5 lakh
Sew Constructions- Rs 5 lakh
Saimagdha Real- Rs 5 lakh
Sew Infrastructure Ltd- Rs 25 lakh
SEW- Rs 25 lakh
GKC Projects- Rs 3 lakh.
Nuziveedu Seeds Ltd- Rs 10 lakh
Hetero Drugs- Rs 6 lakh
AMR Construction Ltd- Rs 2 lakh
But it is believed that their bulk donors must be Tatas & some of top IT & Real State giants…

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