Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Bravo Mr. Kejriwal & team IAC for showing its courage & not dares any one in fighting for common man (In Congress's language Mango people) like Mamata Banerjee.. Didi told months ago on her facebook page "Looting is going on".. now team IAC saying same..

It really courageous that after exposing Congress President Sonia’s son-in-law Robert Vadra & then exposing BJP President Nitin Gadkari now in their latest exposé,  Arvind Kejriwal and Prashant Bhushan of IAC targeted both BJP's NDA as well as the Congress-led UPA for 'selling out the interests of the common man to corporates'.
Bhushan said no one individual but the 'entire rotten system' would be exposed by India Against Corruption (IAC).
"The working of the Indian political and business system has been entirely subverted and corrupted. The tentacles of this crony capitalist system has entered every facet of Indian society at the top of which Reliance is the leading representative," Bhushan said.
Loot from such corruption has given corporates like these overarching power over the Indian government, Prashant Bhusan said.
Remember our beloved Didi  Mamata Banerjee told months ago on her facebook page "LOOT CHOLCHE LOOT", means looting is going on.. Now Kejriwal & his team IAC saying same..
On September’12 itself Mamata Banerjee says on facebook: “In my opinion, instead of continuing to burden the farmers and common people, by way of increase in taxes and prices of diesel and petrol to raise resources, the Centre should now start thinking of utilizing large amount of black money lying in the country and abroad.….
We cannot support price hike on diesel and reduction in subsidized LPG cylinders… allowing FDI in Retail Sector. It is a big jolt. We are really sorry. We cannot support anything that is against the interest of the poor and common people. Loot cholchhe loot.
Sometimes speech is silver and silence is golden. We are not party to it. We are not supporting these anti-people decisions. We are very much serious about these developments and ready to take hard decisions if these issues are not reconsidered..”
Actually it’s shame that MoneyMohan Singh don't have 35000 Cr to subsidize LPG 4 Mango people but having 100,000 Cr to subsidize Reliance as claimed by team IAC…
In fact this scam-star minority government has no moral right to continuing in office as claimed by Annaji & Mamatadi both..
After 2-G, Commonwealth, Airport, Coal etc scam now when it was proved that Congress’s first family itself involved in land scam (as alleged & given evidences by IAC) this UPA-2 government just doing eye wash to common people in the name of infusion young blood in government but in reality the average age of Ministers of UPA-2 government is now 65yrs 1month earlier it was 65yrs 8 months, so not a huge different.
Apart from it now  just to disturbed Mamata Banerjee (who is the only one who doesn’t dares CBI or ED like others) this government included a “school dropped” & “murderer” Mr. Adhir Ranjan Choudhury  in its cabinet, for details about him please go through following links..
This corrupted Congress government is in ventilation & now running only with CBI & ED ‘s oxygen, as except Trinamool Congress (who only fights for common man like IAC) all other political parties dares CBI & ED. So they are bound to support this scamstar government.
Now coming back to main topic today IAC reported following things in their report:
Kya Congress Mukesh Ambani ki dukaan hai?
* In 2006, Mani Shankar Iyer was removed and Murli Deora brought in to increase RIL capex from $ 2.39 billion to $ 8.8 billion and to increase gas price from $2.34 per mmBTU to $ 4.2 per mmBTU.
*In 2012, Jaipal Reddy has been removed and Moily brought in to increase gas prices from $ 4.2 per mmBTU to $ 14.2 mmBTU and to condone RIL’s blackmailing of reducing gas production.
* Huge benefits given to RIL in last one decade despite flagrant violations of various agreements by RIL. Benefits to RIL causing serious price rise in the country.
* Both BJP and Congress involved. BJP signed a sweet deal with RIL in 2000. Congress faithfully implemented it.
* If RIL demand of increasing the gas price to $ 14.2 is accepted, it would lead to shut down of several gas based power plants and increase in power and fertilizer prices. It would result in Rs 43,000 crores of additional benefits to RIL.
In the Nira Radia tapes, Ranjan Bhattacharya (Vajpayee’s son in law) is heard telling Nira that Mukesh Ambani told him –“Congress to ab apni dukaan hai.” Facts below show that both Congress and BJP are in his pocket.
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