Sunday, April 24, 2011

Former CPIM MP Anil Bose used unacceptable slang against Mamatadi, which shows true character of CPIM

At a rally in his hometown Arambagh, Basu, a CPM district secretariat member in Hooghly, had referred to a red-light zone (Sonagachi)  and used words like “bhatar” (patron or client).

You Tube video of Anil Bose’s remarks Link:
Whole Bengal’s public & civil society is very much angry with this attack against there beloved leader..  Even CPIM’s other leaders are also refused to support him.

But this is not the first time earlier same former CPI-M MP Anil Bose said in public meetings that he could have “caught Mamata by her hair and dragged her all the way from Singur to her Kalighat (Kolkata) home” and that “her head is becoming smaller but her abdomen is getting bigger”.

This comrade Anil Bose’s original name was Manik Roy and he was one of the accuse in Saibari massacre at Burdwan along with present Industry Minister of W.B. Mr.Nirupam Sen whose original name was Khokan Sen. Both of them changed there name to get rid of that blame and then W.B. govt placed a mercy appeal to court to freed them. And now these murderers are became leader of CPIM.. This is the real character of this Corrupted Murderer Party (CPM).

Now coming back to main topic, this is a typical communist habit to attack opponent personally and using slang or mock them when they are failed to restrain him or her. These Indian communist started these activities way back in 1940 to 1944 when they called Netaji Subhash Bose as a Dog of Tojo (Then Japanese PM).

People's War, the mouthpiece of the Communist Party of India (CPI) had published a cartoon on July 19, 1942 during the World War, showing Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose as a donkey carrying on its back Tojo, the Prime Minister of Japan during the war years.

Later they have done personal attack to Indira Gandhi, Rajib Gandhi etc all great leaders. They even attacked Gurudev Rabindranath as a capitalist (Burjoya) and Ramakrishna Paramhansha as a “Mad Man” (Pagla thakur).

Now CM is saying “I have told the party to caution him so we don’t have to hear such language in future. He spared not a thought for decency... what more can I say… such remarks go against communist culture” means he cannot take any action, he is saying ‘what more I can say”.. shame on you Buddhadeb!!

Remember this man Buddhadeb earlier said that those who will protest against him he will crash there head (matha bhenge debo) and he does that also in Nandigram, Singur, Netai etc places.. even after Nandigram killing Buddha’s initial reaction was “paid back there own coin” can you believe this is the statement of a chief minister of a state!!

Left front chairman Com. Biman Bose also once said “Kiser poriborton? Mukher na pachar?” (what type of change? Face or back?)

So this is the culture and this is the true character of CPIM & all Indian communists..


So it is clear that this Anil Bose is no exceptional he is having same character as Buddhadeb, Biman Bose etc.. they all are from same breed.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

An Appeal From All India Trinamool Congress to all Voter.

All India Trinamool Congress1:07am Apr 9th
Subject: An Appeal from AITMC
Dear Voter,

Here is an appeal for all the respected voters of WB from All India Trinamool Congress as far as the upcoming Assembling Election’2011 of WB is concerned. At first we need to give you some valuable information for your kind reference as an evaluation of 34 years CPI(M) led LF Government.

• As far as the HEALTH is concerned: LF Government has not been able to establish any new Government Hospitals except a few in Kolkata only and most of them are Private Hospitals where general people are not able to treat their patients. The same scenario is witnessed in other districts of WB as well. In other districts there are no new Government Hospitals in 34 years of LF Government except a number of Health Centers. Please take a notice that Health Centers are not Hospitals. So, as 73% of the people of WB are dependent Government Hospitals, this scenario of Health in the whole period of LF Government is perhaps most UNWELCOME.

• As far as the EDUCATION is concerned: the real scenario depicts that the number of students has got increased 10 times at least from the starting of the period of LF Government. But unfortunately LF Government could not establish new schools corresponding to that ratio. Only the Private schools have been permitted to be established where it is very difficult to continue the education of the children for mediocre people. Moreover, no new college and universities has been established except a lot of Private Engineering Institutes where Money is the only deciding parameter.

• As far as the INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT is concerned: we would like to give you a small statistics i.e. almost 55,000 (no less) small, mediocre, and giant industries have been locked out. There is no land bank plan in Government. LF Government had permitted IT industries to be established in WB after valuable 10 (no less) years for which hell lot of IT students are suffering and some are compelled to go outside the WB. Moreover, WB has less than 30% of the IT industries in Bangaluru or Hydrabad. It should be at least 50-60% considering we have started late. So, the parties in power deserve some sort of PUNISHMENT.

As far as the INFRASTRUCTURE is concerned: there are lots of Road points in small towns on WB and in Kolkata where Flyovers are at most needed considering that in the period of our respected CM Mr. Buddhadeb Bhattacharya, Kolkata had got a few Flyovers, which are negligible in number compared to minimum requirement. WB Government could not convert any town in WB like Durgapur, Asansol, Siliguri etc. into Cities (or planned cities) like Pune, Kanpur, Nagpur etc. (these are not capitals of any state). Moreover, the condition of roads is pathetic and as a result we come to hear road accidents almost regularly, which is NOT at all DESIRABLE.

• As far as the ELECTRICITY is concerned: the Government has gone to many rural areas of WB but not sufficient taking into account the period of 34 years, as they have still not been able to provide electricity connections to 50% of the capable families live in the rural areas of WB, but the unit charge is getting increased day by day causing trouble to mediocre people.

• As far as the AGRICULTURE is concerned: WB used to stand within top 5 states in different corps and vegetables. But now we are degraded due to the ignorance of Government in this area that includes inadequate Agricultural Research Institutes, improper IRRIGATION system, acquiring agricultural lands and so on. When the country including WB is having deficit in required regularly needed corps and vegetables for their citizens then it is absolutely absurd idea to acquire agricultural lands for industries. There is hell lot of non-agricultural lands in WB which could be used for developing industries.

• As far as the Administration (including Police) is concerned: this is not tough to say that it is almost totally biased towards the political setup in power, and that is accelerating the political fighting, murders, rapes etc at different places of WB, which are not at all desirable. Now these take place due to the unwillingness to take action against the accused people. People don’t get proper services from the Police and Administration of WB and as a result they have lost faith on them.

We are not saying that CPI(M) led LF Government has not done anything in 34 years, rather our point is that they have done a lot of things but started very late, kept incomplete, lot of areas untouched and in a non-professional manner for which we the people of WB are suffering a lot.

Due to these HAPPENINGS, we the All India Trinamool Congress are seeking votes from you, the respected people of WB to give us a chance as an opportunity of serving you in a better, corruption-free, and professional way.

We are more than thankful to you for giving us a little time from your busy life to read our appeal or request whatever you say.Maa – Mati – Manus er Joy

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


CPIM’s Harmad Kills TMC’s Minority Leader Infront of Police:
On 4th April’11 CPIM’s Harmads killed Trinamools minority cell’s leader Kaji Rabin in front of Police.. By killing him and then run over by vehicls which is CPIM’s old tactics as seen in CM’s own constituency Jadavpur when they kills two TMC leader Mani Das & Mona Das.

Now after one day Burdwan’s SP Humayun Kabir admitted that police initially arrested the killer CPIM leader but then freed him after CPIM’s order!!

Photo of Lt. Kaji Rabin
Plz see my earlier post to know how Buddhadeb is using state police and CID for party shake.. even HC slams WB govt.

In another incident yesterday CBI filed charge sheet at Jhargram court on which 20 CPIM leaders including 4 top CPIM’s leaders name is there along with lots of other small leader.

Picture of those Harmad Leaders 
Picture of Netai killing

Viewers Comment: Chandrajit said... In front of the public they are saying that they are doing purification (Suddhikoron) of their party, still they had challenged HC's verdict on which HC ordered CBI to take the charge of Netai case.
When you are sure you have no fault, what dose it matter to you CBI or CID ? That means CPM is worried of it...
April 6, 2011 8:55 PM