Tuesday, May 31, 2016

As Mr. Derek O’Brien said “No Third front, second front. If at all this is a first front..” In fact Federal Front may lead India after 2019 Loksabha election and we may see Mamata Banerjee as PM.

The above comment, by Trinamool Congress’s MP & chief whip of TMC in Rajyasabha Mr. Derek O’Brian, is so very pertinent in this present scenario. On 27thMay we witnessed an Oath which can be labelled as an “Oath of the Century”.

A convenient “understanding” masked by a Bengali Rhetoric as “ Jhot/Jot” had all the ingredients of a loss which was vividly depicted by all Media Channels (anti TMC/ Didi) on the 19th of May. 

Hold on, it’s not the 211 seats that we are talking about but it’s the beeline of Heavyweights of National Politics at the Oath Ceremony. Bihar CM Mr. Nitish Kumar, Delhi CM Mr. Arvind Kejriwal, RJD chief Mr. Lalu Prasad Jadav, National Conference’s Mr. Farooq Abdullah, UP CM Mr. Akhilesh Yadav, DMK’s Miss Kanimozi of DMK & FM Arun Jaitley… all for a cause. 

Each one having an agenda of their own. Except Mr.Jaitley the others equivocally voiced their support for a “Federal Front” or “First Front”. Most importantly they have also stamped their faith on Didi to be the front runner of this Front. 

It’s no mean achievement, ‘Comrades & Congrades’ (Congress + Red Communists) though would raise lots of negatives, faults, personal attacks to demean this effort.

Why Didi… simple because Mamata Banerjee can be relied upon, honest, clean image & pro poor … 

She is more Leftist than those Red clad Leftist that we have experienced.
She is accepted by all Leaders as one who has fought her way up.. 

She was brutally beaten by the CPM Goons, was dragged by her hair from Writers Building , no other Political Leader in National Politics has gone through such torture. 

She did not leave the front; she had a Dream which was fulfilled in 2011.

Do  not  underestimate  Mamata  Banerjee, I  repeat  she  is  not  a  ‘B’  School  Grad,  but  Didi  has  proved  that  she  has  Mastered  the  Art  of  Management. 

Why? Look what she is going to do in Tripura, Arunachal and other states. Slowly she is treading safely and cautiously to imprint TMC footprint in National Politics. 

She has a Dream now.. And she will fulfil it no doubt because Trinamool Congress is emerging as a big force in Indian Politics and in 2019 it may be possible that Mamata Banerjee will lead the “Federal Front” with around 50 seats of her own plus 250 of other supporting parties.

Written mainly By Mr. Jayanta Sengupta – Freelancer Sales & Marketing Professional also Post Grad in English, with little editing and adding by myself (Saroop Chattopadhyay).

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Saroop Chattopadhyay.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Oath of the Century – Mamata Banerjee takes oath as Bengal chief minister at massive Red Road ceremony in front of common public and supporters.

Our beloved Didi (Mamata Banerjee) was sworn in today as the chief minister of West Bengal for the second consecutive time at Kolkata’s historic Red Road in front of more than 30000 peoples including VVIP to common man.

Cheering from front row seats were political heavyweights like Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav. 

Also present were Bihar's Lalu Yadav, DMK's Kanimozi and Farooq Abdullah of the National Conference. Finance Minister Arun Jaitley and the BJP's minister from Bengal Babul Supriyo represented the Center. 

Dada – Saurav Ganguly former Indian cricket team’s captain was also present among other dignitaries. 

Bhutan's Prime Minister also made his presence in the ceremony.

Almost all leading actors & actresses, directors, producers from Tollywood (Bengal Film Industry), Leading sports faculties, Educationists, Industrialists and intellectuals were also present.

"No third front, second front. If at all this is a first front," said Derek O'Brien of Ms Banerjee's party.

Mamata Banerjee will be leading a cabinet of 42 members including her. 17 new faces will be among the cabinet of Banerjee’s new term in Bengal. 

Yes She is not eloquent in English of Cambridge or Oxford, yes, She wears her saree at home like our Mothers’, Sisters’ and Aunties, Yes She wears rubber Hawaii Slippers … but she understands Hunger, She understands the pain of a student walking all the way to school, She realises the poverty the farmers, daily labourers, thus She is showered with 211 seats. 

The common person relates her to someone close like their Didi, like someone of their own house.

Opposition had brought out their pangs claws to bite scratch her by making a convenient seat adjustment?
Seat-Sharing? Joth(Jot) ? .. 

The reality was quickly understood by the people of Bengal (mostly of rural Bengal) that it was an adjustment of existence from being a Sign Board to a ….ohh ….yea….hmmm, they exist. 

They thought people of Bengal are not so intelligent to understand this, though packaging this Jhot as “ save our Democracy” Ribbon and throwing it to us. The Left criticized the WB Govt of Cosmetic Development.

Sadly they did not realize that these Developments like Kanyashree, Sabujsathi, Rice at Rs.2, Electricity in villages improvements of roads would Blitz them in 2016. The results rattled them to an extent that they did not find any cover, thus retorting to their old rhetoric of Violence, loss of Democracy. 

Did the opposition ever think of the atrocities that they have done? Marichjhapi, Shain Bari, Bijon Setu, Death of Doc Paul and also stoppage of English in all WB Got schools (though revoked after lot of critism). 

In their pursuit to defame malign Mamata Banerjee & her Govt they found vested interested Media Houses. Sadly they did not realise in this 5 years Bengal witnessed a rapid growth in planned & capital expenditure. This includes roads electrification & infra for rural development.

The state collected Rs.42800 Cores in 2015-16 higher than Rs.21000 core in 2010-11 (Left Regime)The state plan expenditure also saw a growth 34.63 % ( all info from TOI post poll analysis.) The kernel is that Didi is not a B School Grad but she has operated none less than a B School Grad. 

She has invested during these 5 years in building Infrastructure which our Intellectual Opposition did not see, of course with Blinkers it is not possible, or could not do an iota of the development during their 34 years of regime.

The WB Govt has sworn in 42 Ministers today (27th May) and here the pick is also brilliant. You may criticize her but every time SHE has proved all those Learned Pundits wrong.

In order to understand her success you need to understand Hunger, Poverty and touch base with the down trodden. Sometimes the picture gets blurred as to who is the real Leftist or Communist... The so called ones or SHE ‘THE DIDI’

Joy Maa MatiManush r Joy

Written mainly By Mr. Jayanta Sengupta – Freelancer Sales & Marketing Professional also Post Grad in English, with little editing and adding by myself (Saroop Chattopadhyay).

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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Bengal Election Result>> Historical win by Mamata Banerjee in Bengal Assembly Election 2016: Bengal Tigress Mamata Banerjee and her party Trinamool Congress (TMC/AITC) single handily defeated CPIM+Congress alliance, BJP and paid media leaded by ABP group.


Maa-Mati-Manush Blog’s opinion poll (March’16) & exit poll (5/5/6) for West Bengal proved almost correct if you see vote percentage what we predicted. 

Yes seat wise TMC got little more than our prediction by winning 210+ seats, but we were closer as predicted 202(opinion poll) & 198 (exit poll). 

Link (Opinion Poll):

Its indeed a historical win a landslide victory by Trinamool Congress (AITC/TMC). 

Its also worse defeat of CPIM as they are now not even main opposition party. In fact Bengal-Congress fooled CPIM. 

Leftist people think they are the most clever but now its proven that Leftists are the most dumb politicians in India and now Lefts perticularly CPIM looses their relevance.

In history of Bengal it has happened for the first time any party has fought its battle alone and won to. ...So its double credit to Didi - fought it alone and won.

Secondly-First time in History of India two ideologically different parties joined hands together [Left and Congress]. They formed an opportunistic alliance and tried their best to win over our beloved Didi. All the hard work goes in vein and Didi still remains favorites of thousands and in prayer of all.

Please read “Irony of politics (part 1)” for details:

·      Media (lead by ABP) played honestly and sincerely AGAINST TMC. There were sufficient anti propaganda against the ruling party at State Level and National level too. After this result can anyone tell what steps these channels and media will take to hide their embarrassment. All the paid experts and analysts of these channels and media need to rethink on their abilities.

Please read this article about yellow journalism in West Bengal.

Irony of Politics (Part-2)>> People of Bengal Rejecting Yellow Journalism of ABP group (Aveek Sarkar)…

Result of this election seems to be  Breaking News for many but for the regular reader of this blog it was a fact so obvious. Our Blog had made the prediction of the same in the month of March and also in our Opinion poll.

Our readers may also remember that we (MMM-BLOG) published first exit poll on 5th May itself and which proved correct today.

Despite millions of anti propaganda and various innovative methodologies used by the opposition to pull down the party- common people of Bengal is no fool.
Such propaganda can shake a common man emotionally but it cannot shake them up intellectually.

People of Bengal are Growing Intelligent every day. They understand development which is obviously visible and is appreciated by every common man. A through election result common mans happiness and acceptance of this development is shown.


Rural and urban infrastructure development.

Kanyashree Prokalpo for girl child.

Sabuj Sathi Prokolpo: Around Twenty five lakhs cycles were distributed among rural girls to save them from being a school dropout due to the distances of school from their residence.

Widow pension scheme for widows in BPL category.

Numerous big and small projects for youth and for their self employment.

Gati-Dhara proklalpo is yet another unique and innovative project for common man where an ordinary driver is encouraged to become owner of his own vehicle instead of being under someone.

List is endless....all will be discussed in our next report.

Nevertheless it’s a common man’s victory who is unmoved by various anti propaganda and has decided to be a part of this DREAM DEVELOPMENT PROJECT WHERE BENGAL WILL GET BACK THE NAME AND FAME

 The mission has already started five years back and will flourish in coming five years....years after years.

Note: This article is jointly written by me (Saroop Chattopadhyay) and Mrs. Jhimli Dasgupta (Senior teacher, psychologist & social worker).

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Monday, May 16, 2016

Bengal Election Exit Polls (2016) clearly indicating Didi Mamata Banerjee is coming back in power with massive mandate by defeating opportunist alliance of Lefts plus Congress. Also if it happens it will be a major defeat for yellow journalism of ABP group and Mr. Aveek Sarkar.

Mamata Banerjee is all set to win one of the toughest electoral battle of her life against all odds.

It seems people of Bengal is with their beloved Didi Mamata Banerjee as all major Exit Polls showing that in West Bengal Trinamool Congress is coming back in power. 

Hope my viewers will remember that in our opinion poll survey we have predicted Trinamool Congress’s win in Jan’16 and we are the first to show in our exit poll on 05th May’16 that TMC (AITC) is going to win 183 (+/- 15) seats. That’s the figure is coming today if you sum up all exit polls.

Link of our exit poll (05/05/16): http://mamatimanushofwb.blogspot.in/2016/05/bengal-poll-2016-final-exit.html
Link of our opinion poll (Jan’16): http://mamatimanushofwb.blogspot.in/2016/01/opinion-poll-survey-for-2016-west.html
This victory of Mamata Banerjee wasn’t easy as all media, central government, central agencies and opportunist oppositions joined hands together to malign Trinamool Congress and Mamata. 

Apart from it lots of conspiracy sting operation and some unfortunate tragedy also happened just before West Bengal Assembly Election, still now it’s clear that Mamata Banerjee is winning this historic battle.

If you see overall National prospective this time Assam, Tamil Nadu and Kerala have voted for change according to various exit polls shown on TV channels but West Bengal has bucked the trend by re-electing Trinamool Congress led by Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee who managed to hold on to power by defeating the Left-Congress alliance convincingly for a second consecutive term, the polls showed.

Hope now National Media (Mainly Saffronic and Leftist Media) will at least rectify their way of thinking about Mamata Banerjee and will focus more on her developmental works than negative campaign as per advice/guidance of anti-Indian leftist goons.

This result is also a big defeat for ABP group and particularly for Mr. Aveek Sarkar it’s a personal defeat.

Please read this article to know the details of it:

Bengal Election 2016: Irony of Politics (Part-2)....

Link  http://mamatimanushofwb.blogspot.in/2016/05/bengal-election-2016-irony-of-politics.html

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